Hey guys? How’s it going? I’m on beeru number three. The first two were Kirin Ichiban while having lunch with my beautiful wife. Then I took a power nap. Now i’m drinking a Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest. I’ll probably go buy some more, different Marzen style later. Don’t let that fool you into think I haven’t been working. It is hard goddamn work herding bits across a the internet from a server to the cloud. Especially when you are putting them a db that enforces all security and front-end rules. You want to move 1M records? Check back in 12 hours. And oh look at that. The teams I love most are playing the teams I hate most. The Red River Shootout and FSU-UM (Its the 30th anniversary of this disaster). You know what, I’m gonna go buy some booze and just wake up drinking and stay drunk. Its not gonna be a good day for me.

In a Friday Afternoon Nut Caress — Chicago cop found guilty of murder

Hardest hitting piece on DJT today. That never happened to the previous guy, because someone from the press corp would have removed it with their teeth.

Oh, Florida couple.

CBS reporters find out that thieves view college campuses as easy targets. First hand

I think we’ll throw down a classic Texas-centric ballad.