How’s your week going so far? Mine has been trying to scramble up the mountain of incoming shit before it buries me. But I can’t complain too much. The mighty Texas Longhorns held on to beat those University of Oklahoma… people. Also, the Texans won me $1. Which, I never bet on the Texans, but my boss is from Dallas, so I kind of had to. It was a pleasant surprise.

Bill and Hillary are going on tour. I look forward to bunches of conservatives showing up at every stop with posters that have pictures of Juanita Broderick saying “#IBelieveHer”

Florida Man sets Florida Man on fire over argument at homeless camp. I’m sure it wasn’t his stable personality that landed him in a homeless camp.

In the water is wet department — scientists have discovered that veterans are more likely to experience PTSD than those who did not serve. Its almost like they are more likely to experience traumatic stress than the broader population.

Friends of Justin Bieber think he’s having an identity crisis. By his recent pictures, it seems more likely he’s dead in a swamp and some Florida Man ringer has taken his place.

Oh man, can you imagine the glorious chaos if Cocaine Mitch were to go forward with a Supreme Court nomination in 2020? Not wishing anybody dead, but just saying, if it was Notorious RBG, people might literally die of apoplectic rage.


Just watchin’ a bad-ass chick play guitar today.