Grüezi mitenand. Your linkings are hereby here for you. Alles klar and in ordnung. Enjoying them you shall be – comments you will be making.

Celebrate the Links!


Sports were played, birthdays are being observed, historical events have seen another year slide them further out.

  • The world continues to provide SugarFree more material. Perhaps a return to Korea for the Hat and Hair?
  • This article shames me…I should get my lazy self to write up a Catalonia Update…in the interim, the link will have to do.
  • I…I…can’t even come up with a good joke for this one. Something, something Turkish prison? No… oh, you figure this one out. (P.S. I got $5 says she is dead within 6 weeks).
  • Ah, the usual “give us all your money and liberty or we are all GOING TO DIE in 10 years!!!” story. I seem to see these…every few years. Funny, we are still all here, right? Wait, or we were all already killed by the Tax Cuts, Net Neutrality going down, Kavanaugh sitting on the bench, etc.?

Report for comment duty!