Hey, kids!

I might just possibly be procrastinating on handling more important things, but when Brett L sent up a flare to have someone rescue the afternoon links, I volunteered sharpish.

However, it was kind of last minute, so you get no fancy formatting, no theme, and undoubtedly links you’ve already seen. Since you only want the new post for a blank page on which to enshrine your bon mots, I figure this will do.


  • I can see my dog doing this. But it would be Lou Malnati’s.
  • Nobody needs this many species.
  • More of a press release, but having lost a Great Pyrenees companion animal to this disease, I am glad to see this development, if a decade too late. And…fuck cancer.
  • Really? Shouldn’t the people who purportedly have the same goal be working together on this proposition? Wait, you mean several of these groups just want press and money? Dude, you’re cynical. (Which doesn’t make you wrong.)
  • Do you or don’t you? I don’t. But you do you.

Don’t let them work you like a dog this afternoon! Later gators. (I guess I had a theme, after all.)

Obligatory, predictable music.