Note: Gentle Swiss mountain breeze.


By the time you read these Links, UberKillDeathMurderStorm Michael will have removed Florida from the Continental United States. Hopefully any of you that lived in that area fled, long ago. Brett is probably out taking stock of his new island home state, so I will cover the links today. I sure hope the pythons didn’t swim over to what is left of CONUS…

New Florida State Flag

  • How it happened/will happen/should happen. (As of time of link forging).
  • Oh noes! An EU member wants to change how it operates its judiciary. Let the lawfare begin! (TW: Reuters Euro-arsekissing)
  • Make it an oil wrestling match. /Patriarchy off.  Or, “The Bottom Story of the Day”.
  • Might as well just shot the poor SOB. Or, “Dog cheered by third wave feminists as a canine hero!”

Kind off off kilter links for me, right? I think it was reading that SugarFree piece…I don’t feel…quite normal right now.


“Why did I read SugarFree?!”