The Yankees brought out the bats yesterday in their wild card win over the Athletics. And now we get a five-game series between them and the Red Sox to decide who moves on to face the winner of Cleveland and Houston.  But before those kick off, we get both NL Divisional Series starting today, with the Rockies-Brewers facing off and then the Dodgers-Braves.  Enjoy it.

Re-peat! Re-peat!

In the big Champions League matches yesterday, Liverpool fell to Naples, PSG rolled, Athletics did as well. Barcelona doubled up Spurs and BVB got back on track. Now everybody’s focus on soccer can move to Sunday’s match between Man City and Liverpool.

Nobody other sports are playing meaningful games yet, so they get no mention. Sorry, house rules.

If you were born on this day, you get to celebrate it with: Ohioan Rutherford B Hayes, comedic genius Buster Keaton, gun rights champion and emotive actor Charlton Heston, author Anne Rice, twitchy manager Tony LaRussa, idiot (but good actress) Susan Sarandon, wrestling matriarch Linda McMahon, actor Christoph Waltz, rap mogul Russell Simmons, keyboardist Chris Lowe, Stuttering John, actor Leiv Schreiber, and the skinny-fat-skinny Alicia Silverstone.

Nice Uggs, freak!

Its also the day on which the following took place: Mexico became a republic, The Orient Express made its maiden trip, Dick Tracy debuted, Hitler and Mussolini met at the Brenner Pass (and somebody should have bombed it), “Leave It To Beaver” hit the small screen, Jim Brown carried the ball 37 times(!) in a football game, “Thundarr the Barbarian” was introduced to American youth, “Beverly Hills, 90210” hit the small screen, the Oilers traded Messier to the Rangers, and Wikileaks was launched.

OK, to…the links!

The White House says they found no evidence to support claims against Brett Kavanaugh in the FBI follow up report.  The Senate is set to look at it today, so expect several “anonymous sources” to contradict those findings with cherry-picked data.  Also expect the entire report to never be released to normal people like us.

Is there no statute of limitations for taxes in New York? Can people be forced to pay for the sins (if you want to call using the tax code to your advantage or getting past the auditors for decades a sin) of their father?  Well, apparently we’re about to find out.

At the federal level, tax law experts expressed skepticism that the IRS would mount any civil investigation. The main reason, they said, is that the Times account says IRS officials have already conducted extensive audits of the estate left by Trump’s parents.

Earlier on Wednesday, de Blasio, a Democrat, warned Trump that the city will squeeze him for back taxes he might owe on money and other assets he got from his father.

‘The city of New York is looking to recoup any money that Donald Trump owes the people of New York City, period,’ he said during a press conference.

De Blasio claimed a ‘good-old-boy network’ decades ago had allowed Fred Trump to minimize his tax bill and enabled his son to take advantage of the sleight-of-hand without being held accountable.

‘If a lot of people had done their jobs, he would never have been president of the United States,’ said de Blasio, a liberal Democrat.

Oh, so this is about politics. Gee, what a shock.

That’s right. Get $15 an hour and then hand $2 to the union. Suckers.

Congratulations for getting Amazon to cave in to the “fight for $15” nonsense, Dems. Of course, it never really works out the way they expect it to, does it? Actually, in this case it probably does. Those dipshits want to eliminate incentive and performance-based pay to effectively socialize companies. Because removing the incentives to do better always work.  What a bunch of dumbasses mendacious pricks.

Well it looks like a Democrat congressional staffer was the one who doxxed the Republican Senators after all. Oh well, at least nobody was killed, right?

Most debates delve into policies and political philosophy.  When you’re in Illinois, they are all about pointing out whose scandals were worse. Never change, Illinois. You’re a constant reminded that our elected “leaders’ could always be bigger shitbags.

I’ve seen some really cool marriage proposals. I’ve seen some silly ones. But I think I may have found the one made by the dumbest motherfucker on the face of the earth. This is as dumb an idea as Hillary 2020.

Miss, you have the right to remain sexy!

Damn, yo. Try being a little more discrete next time. Also, Houston is racist against robosexuals. I’m now ashamed to call this place home.

Slim pickings for music, unless you are interested in one of the best electronic songs from the 80’s. Because that’s what you get today.

Now go have a great day, friends! I won’t be around until Tuesday. I’ve got an auction this weekend in Fort Worth (if you want to buy a real grizzly bear or a legit Bengal fucking tiger, you’re in luck!) and also have to catalog another sale of an auto shop while up there.