Not today either!

If you’re a normal person, this short work week is almost over.  If you’re a New York Yankee, its been done for a day and a half.  If you’re a Cleveland Indian, it never really got started. But that’s life in the big leagues, son. And with the baseball playoffs on hiatus for a couple days, the NHL did their best to capitalize on the sports-starved people looking for something to watch.  How’d they do it? By scheduling a mere three games, of course. Nice work, Bettman. Your idiocy still never ceases to amaze me.  Anyway, those winners were: Philly, Washington and Phoenix (who finally won a game!). No other sports of consequence took place.

Boom, beeyotch!

October 11th is the day the following people came into this world: YMCA founder George Williams, condiment magnate Henry John Heinz, First Lady (for way too long) Eleanor Roosevelt, real estate developer Fred Trump, writer Elmore Leonard, soccer legend (which is an understatement) Sir Bobby Charlton, singer Daryl Hall, guitarist Greg Douglass, drummer Blair Cunningham, actress Joan Cusack, MST3K’s Mike Nelson, Buckeye legend Chris Spielman, actor Luke Perry, comedian Artie Lange, libertarian-is entrepreneur Peter Thiel, actress Michelle Trachtenberg and golfer Michelle Wie.

Its also the day on which an earthquake in Aleppo killed 230,000 people (somebody let Gary Johnson know), Pope Leo X named Henry VIII “defender of the Faith”, roll film for cameras was patented, so was the elevator, the Boers declared war on Great Britain, the Chinese civil war began, Billy Martin was named manager of the Twins, “Saturday Night Live” made its debut, Prince opened for the Rolling Stones (quite the combo), Jimmy Swaggart solicited a prostitute, and Neon Deion Sanders played for the Braves and Falcons on the same day.

Alrighty then. Here are…the links!

Wait, how did the sign stay up? Maybe use that tech on the rest of the building next time!

Hurricane Michael leaves a wake of destruction in its path. Christ, what an asshole.

Its pretty neat to watch successes. But sometimes its the failures that show man’s greatness. Wow. Whoever designed that deserves a medal.

If you thought the media digging into high-school yearbooks and college accounts of (gasp!) drinking were absurd, well, I’ve got news for you. We’ve almost reached peak idiocy from the media.  Same goes for their commenters.

Women are strong, brave, and capable of doing anything a man can do. Well, they are until they need to be painted as delicate victims easily subjected to abuse in order to make political points.

Limo operator charged with negligent homicide

I called this yesterday: the limousine operator who sent the busted-up vehicle on the road that was involved in a crash that killed 20 people, has been charged with criminally negligent homicide.

Um, yeah. I got no snark for this one. I’m sure there will be enough in the comments.

I’m thinking prosecutors might want to reevaluate the charges on this one.

Prosecutors at the time said it was possible the charge could be upgraded to murder in light of Ryan’s death, but aggravated assault by a public servant would carry the same sentencing range and be easier to prove. As of Wednesday, no higher charges had been added, according to Jack Choate, executive director of the Special Prosecution Unit that handles Texas prison criminal cases.

Wait, what the fuck?!?!?!?!

Oh hell yeah! Enjoy the 80s.

Now get out there and have a day as great as that song is.