Hey guys, I hope your day is going better than Whitey Bulger’s. Shanking an 89 year old in prison, that’s pretty damn rough. My worst complaint is there’s lots of work and a new Laundry Files book from Charlie Stross that I might have to wait until this weekend to read. And work. Did I mention fuck work?

Oh look, more unconfirmable allegations about sex — this time a woman alleging she was offered money by a person who identified himself as a GOP activist to make fake allegations against Robert Mueller, but won’t correspond with the reporters except by letter so “portions of the story have gone unconfirmed”. My bullshit meter is pinging.

Florida Man records himself on a 20-Life string of rape and assorted sexual violence charges. Not even Florida prosecutors should be able to fuck this one up.

Unhackable network? Only if no humans ever get to use it. “Pas$w0rd” is still not going to be a good password.

Hey guys, you’ll all be astonished to learn that 62% of jobs don’t provide a middle class living. Uh yeah, that’s why its so advantageous to have 2 workers in a single house-hold if you’re not gonna be rich. Note the important caveat though “after accounting for standard of living”.

Fun song, funnier video. It looks like they’ve been threatened with violence if they move off their marks. “We’re doing one take, and if you fuck it up, you’re out of the movie”. Man, I really shit the bad on that link. Sorry.