Gee, that was shockingly…easy.

The Astros are joining the Brew Crew as divisional series winners and will await their opponent.  The Brewers will face the Dodgers, who took care of Atlanta yesterday. Houston, who are the current world champions, will wait to see if the Yankees can bounce back from that manhood-robbing beatdown Boston put on them yesterday.  16-1…Jeez, that’s bad.

I hear basketball has started, but I still need to wait for a month or so to confirm.  On the ice, Anaheim are off to a hot start while the Rangers and Coyotes are close to being eliminated from the playoff race already…as usual for the ‘yotes.

NO UCL this week, as national teams prepare for a round of games. Which seems like its happening every other week lately.  Meh, oh well. Liverpool need a break.

Move along, buddy. We’re here to look at your sister.

If you were born on this day, you share it with: anti-slavery campaigner and first African-American publisher Mary Ann Shadd Cary, French artilleryman Alfred Dreyfus, ballplayer Joe Pepitone, singer-songwriter-guitarist John Lennon, rocker John Entwhistle, vocalist Jackson Browne,  TV’s Scott Bakula, musician PJ Harvey, LPGA legend Annika Sorenstam, hockey star Henrik Zetterberg, and the lovely Bella Hadid.

Its also the day on which RichardI left Jerusalem in disguise, Woodrow Wilson became the first president to attend a World Series game, Babe Ruth hit his first WS homer, NBC formed, Laura Ingalls completed the first transcontinental flight by a woman, Hoover Dam began sending electricity to L.A., Boston had a race riot, Penthouse Magazine’s Hebrew edition hit newsstands, David Souter was sworn in to the Supreme Court, and the SR-71 made its last flight.

Wow, that’s a  big day for birthdays. Anyway, on to…the links!

Ugh, not again.

Hurricane Michael bears down on the Florida panhandle and Big Bend regions. If you’re in either of those places, its time to get the hell out of there. Seriously.

The tolerant, loving left are showing their true colors. How long are we away from another psychopath trying to kill a bunch of people for merely having the wrong opinion or affiliation?  And how long after it happens will it take the media to blame the victim?  I give it until mid-November.

The limousine driver involved in the crash that killed 20 people shared safety fears hours before the deadly crash. Hindsight being 20/20 and all that, I would never get behind the wheel of a lumbering death machine if I didn’t have confidence in its ability to stop and go as designed.

We’re here to chew bubble gum and vote. And we’re all out of bubble gum.

Don’t worry, it was an accident. Mistakes happen. But people never take advantage of things like this. Move along. Nothing to see here.

Some people would have you believe that public sector unions are there to prevent malicious politically-motivated actions by superiors and to ensure a diverse, diligent group of workers in our cities and states. It also means, apparently, you can be an absolute piece of shit and be really hard to fire. And if you’re surprised this happened in Chicago, you haven’t been here long.

Trump misspeaks about Kavanaugh “ordeal”, although the evidence provided leans in the direction of him being more accurate than his accusers. Either way, these kind of statements drive the progressives insane and I hope he keeps them up.  The American people need to see those idiots on display as they try to erode the concept of due process and innocence until proven guilty as well as utilizing political hit-jobs in order to derail our established and enumerated systems…all in an effort to regain power.  I only hope they never get power of the WH and Senate anytime soon, because they will pack the courts about 5 minutes after that happens.

Nobody left my bachelor party smelling like fish. I don’t think they did anyway. These guys cannot say the same. (Yes, its nice to post a human interest story once in a while. It helps keep us all sane.)

This is a tough day to pick a song. So I’ll pick three, in no particular order of brilliance on the part of the birthday boy: Let’s get this started off strong. And then let’s take it up a notch. And then finish it off smooth. (I may not leave the computer all day once I take R to school. And if I don’t, I might leave those three on loop for the duration. Brilliance. Pure brilliance.

Anyway, on that note, go have a great day, friends.