Aside from this goofy shit, it was a great game.

Today is a really big day for me.  I’ll tell ya’ll why tomorrow. But its a big day for me. So my stress level will be high. But hopefully the Astros will bring it down a peg or two. Just like the Brewers did for their fans at the end of that pitching masterpiece last night.  They’re up 2-1 now. The pivotal Game 3 is on tap for tonight.

In other sports, the Packers topped the 49ers to cap the week in football. England beat Spain in a wild one in the UEFA Nations League and your NHL winners were: Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Nashville.  Hey, a trifecta of Canadian teams winning.  Nice job, America Junior.

Still one of the best sports movies ever made.

Lexicographer Noah Webster (sorry, Miriam) was born on this day, so were noted pervert Oscar Wilde, Isreali statesman David Ben-Gurion, Irish revolutionary Michael Collins, actress Angela Lansbury, annoying sportscaster Tim McCarver, rocker C Fred Turner, actress Suzanne Somers, guitarist Bob Wier, director David Zucker, quality actor (but idiot) Tim Robbins, bassist Michael Balzary, and baseball player Bryce Harper.

Its also the day these things happened: Napoleon was defeated in the Battle of Leipzig, “Jane Eyre” was published, John Brown carried out his raid at Harper’s Ferry, BYU was founded, “Pygmalion” premiered, noted racist Margaret Sanger opened her first clinic, TE Lawrence met Faisal Hoessein for the first time, the “Long March” began, “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” was released, CCR broke up, Pope John Pail II was elected, Messi made his Barcelona debut, and the Million Man March was held.

Some heady stuff there. Now on to…the links!

Wait, what’s wrong with stopping here in this civilized, modern nation?

A new caravan of Honduran “refugees” heads toward the US border to seek asylum. I guess they couldn’t find a single Mexican immigration official along the way to whom they could ask for asylum.

The Harvey Weinstein circus is getting cranked up to 11 as a second prosecutor leaves the case amid accusations of covering up evidence against an accuser.

Elizabeth Warren decided to get a DNA test, of sorts, after all. The aftermath could not have been what she planned.  I guess she doesn’t realize a lot of people out there actually understand math, especially statistics.  Among those who can court are leaders of the Cherokee Nation, apparently.

Gratuitous image of Warren in an Indian headdress

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has died. He was 65.

A pair of Chicago cops may face firing after shooting at an unarmed teen in a stolen car. The officer who later shot and killed the teen is fighting his six month suspension.

A judge tossed Stormy Daniels defamation suit against Trump. She has also been ordered to pay his legal expenses.  Twitter almost had a meltdown.

This is a bit of an overreaction, in my opinion. But its Florida, so we’ll have to wait and see how it ends up.

The first song. The second song. And the last song. Sorry, deadheads. The rest of you: you’re welcome.

Go have a s great a day as I hope to have, friends.