Hi guys, how’s it going? My contribution to GlibFit is that I way overdid it Monday after 2 sedentary weeks, and could barely make it up and down the stairs yesterday and today. I went to the gym anyhow today and did as close to my planned workout as possible, but my quads basically told me that squats were off the menu today. After I did a warmup set, they were just one giant cramp. This has happened before, so I know what did it. Power cleans are the culprit, and if I do a bunch right (ie, not pulling them with my arms) my legs are killing me. I guess maybe I should clean more, to paraphrase Warty.

EDIT: Glibfit was due to publish between H&H and this article, but apparently, H&H caused some sort of time-warp and it did not publish. We will reschedule — for 5:00pm Central today. Our apologies for the mistake. 

Even farmers aren’t safe from robots. I’ve had my eye on the open source farmbot for over a year now, but it just doesn’t make financial sense. We didn’t eat all the produce we grew by traditional methods this year.

Now men are being oppressed by the shoe patriarchy? Thank the dear, fluffy Lord I am happily married, heterosexual, and committed to my dad-bod lifestyle.

Bees! OMG Bees! Hat-tip to SP

Florida Man tries to buy 8-year old for $200k at Wal-Mart. I’d want to see the cash first, but I’d think really hard before saying ‘no’.

I guess we’ll go with the obvious one here.