Who doesn’t hate the one game wild card playoff for baseball?  People from Colorado, that’s who. What a game last night. With a pitching masterclass by both teams, I don’t know if that game should have ended, but they all have to and the Cubs came up short again this year.  AL wild card game is tonight in New York.

It’s party time!

Elsewhere, Man City won, Juventus won, ManUre drew, as did Bayern and Real Madrid blew ou…holy shit, they lost to CSKA Moscow and its officially time to start pushing the panic button. Preseason basketball and hockey is boring, so it gets no mention.  But I’ll bring up just one more thing about the Ohio-State-Penn State football game from this past Saturday. No, not to gloat. But to illustrate just how bad some decision-making can be when you think you can do no wrong.

Birthday time!  Today we celebrate or acknowledge: historian George Bancroft, writer Thomas Wolfe, writer Gore Vidal, the father of butterfly goaltending Glenn Hall, rocker Eddie Cochran, singer Chubby Checker, tiger pal Roy Horn, singer Lindsey Buckingham, HOF outfielder Dave Winfield, HOF pitcher Dennis Eckersley, guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan, grifter and racist Al Sharpton, “Boom Boom” Freddie Couples, hepatitis carrier Tommy Lee, actor Clive Owen, the lovely Neve Campbell and musician Gwen Stefani.

Sarah Jessica Parker reenacts her favorite episode

Its also the day on which the Gauls surrendered to Julius Caesar, the Duke of Montrose issued a warrant for the arrest of Rob Roy, Edgar Allen Poe was spotted for the last time alive, the motor-driven vacuum was patented, Trotsky founded “Pravda”, Woodrow Wilson fucked America over (and started the endless advance of the one-way ratchet) by signing a 1% income tax into law, “The Maltese Falcon” premiered, so did “Captain Kangaroo” and “Mickey Mouse Club”, jeez, so did “The Dick Van Dyke Show”, “The Andy Griffith Show”, and “Mr Ed”, Jerry West retired, the Watergate criminal trial began,  the coup against Noriega failed, and the Battle of Mogadishu, which was the loose basis for “Black Hawk Down” took place. Oh yeah, and OJ Simpson walked after being acquitted on murder charges.

OK, that’s it for that.  Now…the links!


“As a psychologist, I view truth as a fluid concept”

Christine Blasey Ford might have some explaining to do herself. Somebody get to the Bay Area and ask her these questions. You’ll probably find her in the Delta Sky Miles Diamond Club Lounge at SFO.

If you’re involved in a feminist journal and you’re bitching about the methodology used here, then you’re not serious about advocating equality or feminism or truth in research. Seriously, this is a bit of a long read, but absolutely stunning and hilarious in the absurdity of what these guys were able to pull off. (Open it in incognito or private mode-or somebody please provide an archive link in the comments)

The nanny state comes to Texas. Well, it was always here in some respects, but the creep, especially in Austin, is now complete.

When #believeher goes horribly wrong. But they’re, like, raising awareness to a bigger issue and if we’re gonna make a feminist omelet we’re gonna have to break a few eggs.

Look the money hit the account!!!

I feel bad for the lady, but this seems a bit excessive. No mind, they can just raise taxes!

If you’ve ever wanted to hear a killer explain how he did his thing, you can read it in his own words right here. The testimony is not consistent with many other evidentiary items, namely the video of the event. But who are you gonna believe, members of the jury…the brave, selfless officer or your lying eyes?

Well, it looks like you may be able to bang a robot in Houston after all. But be warned that Big Brother will be there to shame you. Why? Because fuck you, that’s why.

Well, I sure hope you enjoy this. I know I did. I mean…that’s every bit as good as the original.

Now go enjoy the middle of your week. Even if you’re a Cubs fan.