Sadly, my darkest fears for poor SugarFree have come to pass. He’s walled himself into a cave to escape the horror of this election cycle. Not even he can indefinitely maintain his peace against it all.

Hopefully, he’ll emerge and return to us soon.

In the meantime, I’ve got a few questions for all my dear US citizen Glibs.

1. Did you vote (or are you planning to)?

2. Mind sharing for what parties and/or candidates you pulled the lever?

3. Have any rationale that goes along with your choices?

I plan on heading over to our polling station mid-afternoon. Try as they may to convince me, I definitely do not trust voting by mail AT ALL. The postal service routinely misplaces more important documents, so how can I trust them to actually deliver my ballot? Not to mention how simplistic it would be to “lose” a few hundred thousand of them. (I know, I know, it’s also easy to lose them when recorded any other way.)

And…now that the day is finally here, can we move past this crap?

HAHAHAHA, I crack myself up.