Today I wanted to talk about a local news story.  I thought it would be nice to cover a local story.  No story here is too local.

This is my review of Deschutes The Abyss 2017 Release  (H/T:  Riven)

This story starts when a boy from Tucson turned 6 years old.  He wanted to throw a party, and his mom thought it would be nice. The problem?  Nobody showed up so she did the sensible thing and shamed everyone invited on social media.  No seriously.*


I am not going to put a caption here to make fun of a child. BUT I WILL NOT STOP YOU FROM MAKING FUN OF A CHILD

– My first problem with this:

The reason the entire class was shamed on social media is because the entire class was invited.  Now this is a practice I encountered and I don’t particularly care for it.  It forces parents to invite children their child doesn’t like to parties because it may hurt the uninvited child’s feelings.  Okay, fine.  So I have to invite the snowflakes too.  Here’s an issue I had–planning around the idea that 30 kids will be attending this party meant financially allocating funds for a 30 person party.  Granted only 10 showed, after they RSVP.  If my kid wants to invite other people in his or her class to a party, everyone in the class must be invited.  Including the smelly one.

I thought part of the reason we have schools is social immersion?  Lets be real, that’s what most people got out of school, it certainly wasn’t reading.  By doing this, it eliminates the possibility that a child can grow up knowing there are people out there they won’t get along with, or how to deal with these people.  After all, if you don’t want somebody’s company you don’t invite them over.  For a parent of a child that has few friends, this might seem challenging but I found a way around this by inviting a few relatives that had kids of their own.

Otherwise if nobody wants to be around you, eventually you figure it out.  It makes you wonder if people act the way they do today is the result of poor adjustment to social interactions.  Say what you want about social media, but perhaps another issue is nobody ever learned to handle things like confrontation, dissapointment, or failure. When encountered by such things they simply resort to their lowest level of social training.

– My other problem with this:

Another problem I have with this is the kid’s mother went and posted this to social media.  Really Lady?  Your kid is having a terrible day, so lets take a picture and show the entire world how much you think other people suck.  Immortalize it forever.  Let me ask a question, is there perhaps a reason nobody showed up?  Perhaps the class is mostly girls and had no interest in going to a boy’s party?  Perhaps enough people in the class got sick and stayed home?  Perhaps your kid is the smelly kid?  Perhaps coddling your child is not going to do him any good once you are no longer there to protect him from the world?  Am I going to hear from Andrew Napolitano for imitating his writing style?

“Hey everyone.  Check out how much this kid’s mom thinks he’s a loser.”  I am sorry, but that’s what I got out of your post.

– The silver lining:

If there is a winner in all of this, its the Phoenix Suns.  Yes, I know they suck but lets be real, they aren’t going to get too many real wins.  Somebody affiliated with the team saw this, pulled a few strings, and got the kid courtside tickets–to the Suns vs. Lakers game.  Pretty nice of them considering somebody would have paid real money for courtside seats to see LeBron play.


So how is this beer?  I gotta hand it to them, I didn’t think tequila would go well with an imperial stout, but I admit I am wrong.  Tequila you see, is not aged nearly as long as whiskey (Anejo is only aged 1-2 years) so it doesn’t take on the properties of the oak barrel like whiskey.  This beer is more “woody” rather than “whiskey soaked.”  The stout is neutral, without overpowering chocolate or coffee notes.  Standard dry Irish style.  Good luck finding it.  Deschutes The Abyss 2017 Release: 4.2/5

*The possibility of this story being a hoax was pointed out by the stellar editing staff at  Should this be a hoax, it does not improve my opinion of these people.  Not only would they be liars, they got free courtside tickets to the Suns game and thus were rewarded for lying.  Screw that.