What’s up everyone? Happy Friday. My wife and I are going to see Robert Earl Keen and his slightly more famous college roommate at a nice venue tonight. Grandma and Grandpa are showing up early enough we can sit down at a for-real restaurant and have dinner. I don’t really know what to do with myself, but I shaved my neckbeard in hopes of getting lucky. And it must be my lucky day because for a rarity I managed to leave all the blood on the inside while scraping my neck. Who else is doing something fun tonight?

I was reliably informed that Jeff Bezos has no heart, so I’m guessing Amazon HQ2 is going nowhere?

Woman kills 13 people because she was mad bus driver missed her stop. She sure showed him.

Considering how unsuccessfully pandas breed, maybe they should STOP singing to each other before sex.

These crazy people want to host? have? a live birth in space. I’m not sure anyone who worked up the timeline has kids. “Oh, we’ll just have 48 hour mission to launch an expectant mother into space. I guess you could do a scheduled c-section before contractions start, but it seems like the stress of current launch vehicles is probably the sort of thing that would tell a woman’s body to drop that kid because she might not have a chance to later.

The other guy playing tonight is Julia Roberts’ ex-husband. Here’s one from him.