After a long exhausting auction day, Sloopy is still dead to the world.  Leaving you, dear Glibs, with the links stylings of the one and only Banjos!


The Birthday list sucks today, so you’re not getting one.  And I don’t have the energy to find out what happened historically today.  I’ve been too busy to follow sports.  Here’s some news stories.


What? Franken came by last night and found some boxes in my car.


Florida governor Rick Scott is suing Broward County for some serious shenanigans.  Understandably so.



Nanny state is being the nanny state.





Utah Man who regularly allowed bats into his home to fly around and land on his hands surprisingly dies of rabies.

ET Phone Home



In case you were keeping track, homophobic slurs flung at conservative politicians? A-ok!



This kid gets it!




I’ll finally give you kids a break from all the classic rock.


I am now off to get my kids out the door! Have a Banjotastic Day everyone!