Aw shit, that’s the score?!?!

I bet Chucky wishes he’d have stayed the booth.  After all, you get to do the second-guessing there rather than the other way around.  I never thought the 49ers could beat anybody by 31 points. Hell, they probably couldn’t beat Bama by that many.  And to make matters worse, his only win this year is most likely due to some dubious officiating in the Browns game.  And from what I see, they only have 2 (at most) really winnable games left on their schedule. I guess we’re about to see if Vegas is a town that will support a football team good or bad. Because a shitty one is about to move there.

12th ranked UCF beat Temple 52-40 in a game that can’t give the CFB committee a lot of confidence in them. And your winners on the ice were: Winnepeg, Dallas, NY Islanders, Montreal, Ottawa, Detroit (who are riding a 3-game win streak!), Nashville, St Louis, Calgary, Edmonton, MY Rangers, Philadelphia and the Columbus Blue Jackets. In MSL news, Wayne Rooney, the toast of DC, missed a penalty as his team was knocked out of the playoffs. And RSL knocked LAFC out in surprising fashion.


Badass Daniel Boone was born on this day. He shares it with: Marie Antionette, president James Polk, mathematician George Boole, another president Warren G Harding, politician Aga Khan, actor Burt Lancaster, actor Ray Walston, wrestling legend Abdullah The Butcher, sociopath Pat Buchanan, rocker Keith Emerson, bassist Dave Pegg, malignant tumor David Brock, rocker Bobby Dall, annoying actor David Schwimmer, and Wisconsin governor Scott Walker.

Its also the day on which the following occurred: George Washington says goodbye to the Army after curb-stomping the British in the War for Independence, abolitionist freedom fighter John Brown was found guilty of treason (against Virginia) and sentenced to hang, North and South Dakota became states, the Balfour Declaration was issued, Howard Hughes flew the Spruce Goose, Dewey Truman beats Truman Dewey, CBS bought an 80% stake in the New York Yankees, The Summit in Houston opened (its now Joel Osteen’s gaudy homage to God himself, Reagan signed a bill making MLK Day a national holiday, the final “Blackaddar” episode aired, and Roger Moore had his prostate removed.

Thats it. Here come…the links!

Please save us from the wretched country…whose flag we are waving proudly.

People from Honduras traveling through Mexico after refusing asylum there sue President Trump for violating their constitutional rights before they’re violated. Yeah, I need a fucking flowchart on how they reached the point of having standing without reaching the border or a US consulate.

I know I’m going way out on a limb here, but I’m gonna have to say I’m skeptical, at best, about these claims. Also, the head of “Flyers Rights” sounds like a fucking moron.

As Democrats become more confident that they’ll take the House (although I am far from convinced), the media are shifting attention to the Senate tossup races. Internal polling seems to contradict the former claim at the moment, as does the reported voter turnout numbers in several key races. But the chosen narrative ain’t gonna write itself.

Oh…my…God! WHO…FUCKING…CARES?!?!?!?!?!

Pay up, proles!

Yeah, this asshole doesn’t understand what an incentive is. Oh, he knows how to fuck people over, that’s for sure. But that’s not an incentive.

Whats even scarier than a teenage American drinking a 12 pack and getting behind a wheel? A Japanese pilot blowing a .189 before boarding his plane. Damn, dude. “Banzai!”, I guess.

Well, at least they took the claims seriously. Hopefully these assholes will get locked away for a long time…in cells adjacent to those of the people they sought to frame.

Yeah, baby!!!!!  Rock-n-Roll!!!!

That’s it for me for there week.  Have a great weekend, friends!