Okay, this week I get to be a nasty nasty hypocrite. This is all about incorporating fitness into your lifestyle. As somebody who has been bouncing in and out of motivation, I’m in a “do as I say, not as I do” position.

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Fitness as some form of torturous summer camp never lasts. Diets, cleanses, purges, bootcamps, and all the other 5 or 10 week challenges (oh wait…) get you only so far as you have established a habit. That means:

1) setting fitness as a priority of your lifestyle. Do things in your daily life that healthy people do, like walking 10,000 steps, like eating natural foods, like getting 30 minutes to an hour of HIIT exercise at least 3 days a week, like keeping track (even if only vaguely) of what you eat, like setting goals and meeting them.

2) adjusting your intensity to your goals. Thrashing between crash diets and binge periods is a great way to gain weight and hate yourself. When you live a goal-based fitness lifestyle, you may increase your intensity at times when you have hard goals, and you may reduce your intensity at times when your goals are less strenuous. When you set realistic goals and match your intensity to those goals, you do less yo-yo’ing and you have more likelihood of maintaining your motivation.

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HIIT Workout of the Week

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