This week starts off really well by giving me an extra hour of sleeping, though in reality the whole idea that the gubbmint can dictate what time it is seems like one of those Canute-levels of arrogance that is unfortunately too common among the priestly caste.

The big news is Venus(retrograde) being her bitchy self, but the rest of the sky working to keep her contained.  Specifically:

She’s in alignment, but with the Sun (which is directly opposed to the anti-libido of V(r) and with the moon (which diffuses and deflects her retrograde effects).  Even better, in opposition to that alignment is Mercury (signifying oppositional/negatory change) and Mars (which is the counterpart to Venus and so puts the kibosh on the retrograde aspects.)  Furthermore, Venus(retrograde) is trying to pull her crap while being in Libra.  Libra, being the scales of justice, is having none of this backward-ass motion shit.    Venus(retrograde) is a terrible sign, but with everything else going on this week, she can just go pound sand.

I know 11/12ths of you are getting irritated at all the attention that the universe is giving Scorpio, so I’ll get it out of the way first.  Congratulations on surviving your dry spell.  With Venus(retrograde) moving off into Libra, your home life should begin improving immediately.  And I do mean home life — having the moon conjoined with Jupiter indicates that any problem you are having with extramarital partners will lag behind your spouse resolution-wise.

We’ve already talked about Libra having to play host to Venus(retrograde).  Ordinarily, this would be bad, but as mentioned above, all the celestial censors are doing their part to shield you.  So good news!  Your week isn’t going to suck as the primary signs would indicate!

Aquarius still has to deal with Mars for another couple of weeks or so.  Expect less belligerence starting about Nov 15.

Saturn in Capricorn is good for achieving your Glibfit goals.  Start making room in your waistband for Thanksgiving dinner now.

Mercury in Sagittarius is an auspicious time for hunting.  Also, this indicates that I’ll finally be able to get my father’s pistol out of gun-jail.  About fucking time.