Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a good weekend. We went to a carnival at a local church and dropped $100 amazingly fast. My kids did get to ride a Ferris Wheel and none of the rides collapsed, so net win. Also, the Texans stole a victory in Denver. I’d say the Denver coach drastically over-estimated his kicker’s ability.

I’m going to assume that “insensitive” in this context means “too effective”. “NBC backtracks, will no longer air controversial Trump ad”

This is good news. Kids with “polio-like” illness able to walk again after new surgery. Fuck you, nature! Humanity is going to win!

I’m not saying its Moties, but on the gripping hand, I’m practicing verbalizing  “Fyunch(click)”. Reference here for any sci-fi Luddites.

Good luck, soldier. Even if you aren’t successful in crossing Antarctica alone, I hope you have Shackletons’s luck and come home safe.


Here’s one from the archives on “how to front a band”