Well, by now, the cool kids know this is where they can get a preview of the next week’s post lineup here at Glibertarians.com. Think of this as a glib TV Guide. Don’t forget to set your VCR so you don’t miss any important articles. Or, better yet, just tune in all day every day! We need that sweet, sweet ad revenue.

Yeah, yeah, get on with it so we can get to the Open Post!

First up, we’ve got the weekly astrological skinny from Not Adahn, then Web Dom gives us an easy and cheap vegan recipe. Monday, Gadianton is back with more inside info on what The Church believes and DblEagle has a harrowing/exhilarating libertarian activity suggestion for you.

Tuesday is Election Day here in the US. There might be a topical midday post from SugarFree (no pressure, dude), but there will definitely be a political post from CPRM in the evening. Wednesday, we are hoping for even more SugarFree, although after the great run of double bills in October, he might be too burned out. But there will certainly be a GlibFit post from Mr and Mrs trshmnstr (yes, you are running out of time!), and my regular weekly poll returns Wednesday evening.

Thursday, we’ve got an all Kitbash day! UnCivilServant takes the midday spot, and Yusef Drives a Kia is back with a new project in the evening. Friday, PieInTheSky takes us to a summer lunch in Romania, while Saturday, mexican sharpshooter returns with another review/not review.

Along the way, you can expect Daily Links to ignore from Sloopy, Brett L, OMWC, and most likely the blockhead and the SMITH family.

Want to contribute an article? Go find out how YOU can be added to the Contributing Writers page. We sincerely appreciate each and every community member who takes the time to write for the rest of us, even those of you who still have something languishing in draft stage.  😉

Future programming note: on Sunday, November 18, there will be a(n American) Thanksgiving food post in the regular food spot at 1400. If you’ve got a special recipe you’d like to include, send it along to me: sp@ this website. I’ll be formatting each of them so they can be downloaded in pdf format for your cooking pleasure.

Public Service Announcement: If you live in one of the numerous retarded locations that mess around with the damn clocks, set the stupid clock back an hour and gain an hour of extra sleep tonight. Or an extra hour for drinking and snarking on Glibs. Your choice.


And now…drumroll, please…enjoy everyone’s favorite…SATURDAY NIGHT OPEN POST!