My extended building project is a series of 2’x2’ dioramas, each with its own theme, add some bridges to join the sections, then let my granddaughters play on them. At the same time, I’m building a nice resume for my infant scenery business, more on that later. The scale is 28mm/ Heroic scale, but this is a bit different, the entire scenario is little people that mine gold and are protected by fairies. So far so good. I was asked to build a castle at the same time, so I did, but the further I went, the more the castle interfered with my view, so I dropped it from the scene. I’ll use it later.

Here’s where I started. This is just drywall mud in a multilayered foil form, easy and cheap.


Then I used the pieces to clad some foam to get this shape. A good start.


Here is after a few washes, and some basic water layout. Not done yet!


This is after a few water layouts and accents.


I have an entire castle made, but I can’t see inside! I finally said, “Nope,” and dropped it for some palisade work I had laying around, and it looks like this.


Much better view, and lots more things to add for coolness, like torches.


A farm, with Grandma.


GOLD! With miners.


Next up are the details, more trimming, drybrushing etc. Enough for another episode, til then…


Left to Right: Granddaughter #1, Granddaughter #2, Guardian Faeries, 3,4,5.


And of course, the Gallery, with lots of great stuff this time.

I’ll be starting up a business around my scenery work soon, so if you have ideas, or potential clients, lemme know. /Shameless Promotion