Unlike last week, this week’s skies don’t require advanced PowerPoint technology to decipher.  Which isn’t to say that things are boring, oh no.  First, Venus has resumed direct motion so any conjugal issues you may have been having should be resolved.  Second, we are once again entering a period of MERCURY RETROGRADE, so rejoice in your ability to eschew responsibility for the fuckups that you cause.

That MERCURY RETROGRADE does come with a cost.  It’s part of an extremely bad alignment with Saturn and the Earth, which is usually Very Bad News, on par with the death of a dog or a roof collapse.  However, there are some things working against it which are probably shielding the house proper and those who dwell within it.  Instead, expect some sort of disaster to befall the extended property.  Wildfire if you’re a land owner, boiler loss if you’re an apartment dweller, that sort of thing.

MERCURY RETROGRADE is also in a second alignment with the Sun and Mars, but because of the relative angles of the alignments, these are independent issues not related ones (this week actually has two of these out-of-phase intersections which is rather unusual).   I think you can all figure this one out on your own:  Mars = war, MERCURY RETROGRADE = very bad news/chaos.  This is not a good week to be involved in hostilities.

Like the previous two, this is an independent event alignment.   Unlike the previous two, it is good news.  It’s actually one of the best signs re: domestic bliss, the alignment of Sol-Jupiter-Venus.  As I mentioned before, Venus is back to being the harbinger of love and peace and Jupiter is stability, harmony, righteous rule and happiness. The sun is light/life/empowerment. So you’ve got that going for you.

This week, Pisces plays host to the moon and to Mars.  It’s an auspicious week for spearfishing and video games of the FPS and brawler type.  Also good for people trying to evade manhunts, but bad for the mustered soldiery.  The rest of us will find things a bit muted or mellow, if you prefer.

This week, hunting accidents will increase as MERCURY RETROGRADE brings its chaos to Sagittarius.  However, since Jupiter is also there as a moderating influences, these accidents will be less lethal and more of a “have a good story to tell” variety.  Still, be particularly careful with gun safety this week.  Speaking of gun safety, remember how the stars told me that NYS would finally deign to recognize my right to keep (and bear in a tremendously limited sense) a 1967 Ruger Standard?  It of course came to pass.  I believe it was last fired in 1984.  I watched many Youtube videos on the takedown and reassembly, but none of them mentioned that a mallet would be required for the procedure.  It was.  By the time this gets published I will have taken it to the range and given it some test bangs.  Since it will be happening before MERCURY RETROGRADE kicks in, I’m not too worried about the thing exploding in a way it’s not supposed to.

Saturn in Capricorn means that Saturn is very far away and its relative motion through the zodiac had more to do with our annual orbit and not its fat ass.