Hey Glibs, what’s happening? Did everyone check out Yusef’s awesome hike? We have no sort of terrain (or Terrane) like that down here, although the beach is pretty. And (major bonus!) it doesn’t smell like dead fish anymore. We might actually go down and use it again. Anyhow, happy Thursday. I hope everyone is winding down their work week and settling in to fuck off. I’m starting to pregame for Saturday’s Red River Shootout rematch. OU does, in fact, suck. But the chances of Texas beating them twice in one season are about as good as me winning the lottery.

I know several Glibs who would love to get in on this… requesting naked selfies of attractive young women to use as collateral against loans.

Trump cancels meeting with Pootie-Poo until Ukraine’s ships and sailors are returned. Special concurrance by Bolton’s Mustache.

Scientist develop clock so accurate it could detect dark matter. But it won’t.

Paul Ryan passes torch of most milquetoast Republican to Mitt Romney.


Speaking of milquetoast.