Not much of an NHL slate last night. The winners were Washington, Nashville and Anaheim. The Buckeyes took care of intrastate rival Cincinnati on the road last night even though the officials tried everything they could to screw them over. And across the pond, there was only one surprise in the UCL games, and that was ManUre beating Juventus.  Now they face Man City this weekend, who would like nothing better than to drive Mourinho out of town. But based on recent form, I think he survives a while longer, if not for the entire season.

This guy knew how to take care of his enemies

Today’s birthday roster features the infamous Romanian Vlad the Impaler, astronomer Edmond Halley, author (this one’s an interesting coincidence) Bram Stoker, board game maker Milton Bradley, psychiatrist Hermann Rorshhach, southern author Margaret Mitchell, hero to math nerds Jack Kilby, rocker Doc Green, rocker Roy Wood, gun rights advocate Wayne LaPierre, drummer Terry Lee Miall, chef and character-asshole Gordon Ramsay, bad boob job recipient Tara Reid, and actress Parker Posey.

Its also the day the following took place: Cortez met Montezuma for the first time, Benjamin Franklin opened the first library in the colonies, Elijah Craig distilled the first batch of bourbon whiskey from corn, the failed Beer Hall Putsch took place, “Mutuny On The Bounty” hit the screen, and LBJ gave the NFL an antitrust exemption. There were also a bunch of election results, but those are boring.

OK, on to…the links!

“Dear diary, I finally got him to notice me!”

Jim Acosta was banned from the White House after being a disruptive dick and pushing a female staffer during a press conference yesterday.

Some nut job killed a dozen people in California (where they have strict gun laws, so I assume he came from Indiana). Expect there to be more calls to take your rights away.  And expect the newly-minted Democrat majority in the House to put it to a vote.

“Antifa are the people who fought Franco. And they’re here to fight fascism as well.”  What, by storming Tucker Carlson’s home?

I hope this signals drug legalization

Jeff Sessions is out as Attorney General. And the left are flipping the fuck out because his temporary replacement once said he thought Mueller was overstepping his authority and that Rosenstein needed to reel him in.

Yes, but more importantly, was there the correct amount of diversity on the bus? And will the deceased be replaced by another “woman of color”? And not an Asian this time, since they may as well be white.

Taking the law into one’s own hands can be dangerous. But when the law takes the law into the law’s own hands, it gets really messy.

“Duh, have you seen my baseball?”

Tesla has a new chairman of the board. I’m curious how far up his ass Musk’s arm goes.  Either way, hiring a telecom exec to head your car manufacturing company probably won’t solve the structural assembly issues you’re having. So, best of luck with that move.

I really like this group.  They are vastly underrated.  And with hair like that they couldn’t get airplay today.  SO embrace the generation.

Now have a great day.  I’ve got an auction in 4 hours.  It’s my biggest solo one to date.