Hi guys, happy Tuesday. This is my last full day of work this week. I hope the same for all of you. My boss told me I could be done whenever I finished my work tomorrow or I should close down by noon. I figure I can get my stuff done exactly 4 minutes after our morning call. And then a 5 hour drive with two kids. But my wife loves me. She got the Expedition cleaned out, vacuumed and washed. I was only disappointed that (a) she didn’t wear a bikini and (b) do it while I could watch. And yes, central FL, she would have been comfortable.

OMWC swears that he doesn’t endorse this. Custard is not candy. And the girls were too old for him.

Never bring a screwdriver to a hammer fight? Florida man, you so crazy.

I mean, I would have taken a chance on the hot/crazy with this chick before this incident.

Jeebus. Everyone is crazy to start hiring staff for 2020 in Iowa. I guess political campaign workers gotta eat every day like everyone else.

I forgot how good the album this came off of is. Time to dig it out.