I’m annoyed with the Election Day stuff now. No fault of SP or our commenters on the post below. I’m just officially sick of the whole thing. Everyone involved in politics and news can go jump right up their own ass. The only upside of this whole day is at least half of these yahoos will be losers after it.

Macron calls for “European Army”. Just surrender to the Germans and collaborate again, Frenchy.

Robot kills patient during surgery. Oh wait, untrained NHS doctor kills patient during robo-surgery.

Wow, Austalian fisherman saves toddler who snuck out of parents’ tent, went down to the beach, and got swept away. 18 month olds are faaaaar to stealthy for their own safety, plus they exhaust you.

SF emailed this one from his walled hideaway. Slate interviews a whole bunch of mental patients for election day. At least they seem to be mostly functional.

I think we’ll just play the theme song today.