Now that’s what I’d call a “thinking man’s quarterback”.

Last night was vintage Eli. Vintage! Which means he had a QBR in the 80s and threw for under 200 yards. Meh, only 7 more games to go for Giants fans out there who can’t wait to see him gone. Meanwhile on the ice, Carolina took down Chicago, the Rangers topped Vancouver, Columbus stung Dallas, the Mighty Ducks beat the Predators.

Lastly, the Angels Shohei Ohtani inexplicably won the AL Rookie Of The Year award going away afetr only playing in 80 games and having an ERA  of 3.33 (ten starts), and not even having enough plate appearances to qualify for season rankings.  I hate the Yankees, but Andujar got robbed. Debate it in the comments, but I know I’m right.

God bless you, you brave woman.

Edward III was born on this day. As were: founding father and governor of two different states John Dickinson, actor/brother Edwin Booth, author Robert Louis Stevenson, jurist Louis Brandeis, African-american baseball pioneer Buck O’Miel, actor Joe Mantegna, rocker Toy Caldwell, hockey legend Gilbert Perreault, drummer Bill Gibson, drummer Andy Ranken, Mexican president Andres Obrador, TNG actress Whoopi Goldberg, QB Vinny Testaverde, television person and hypocrite Jimmy Kimmel, and indescribably brave person Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Its also the day on which the following took place: Ben Franklin wrote “Nothing…certain but death and taxes”, Conrad’s “Heart Of Darkness” was published in a single volume, the Holland Tunnel opened, Disney’s “Fantasia” opened, “L’il Abner” made its final appearance, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in DC opened, Ray Mancini knocked Duk Koo Kim into the afterlife, Doc Gooden won the Cy Young award (at age 20!), “Goldeneye” hit the silver screen, and GWB signed an executive order allowing for military tribunals in the “War On Terror”.

OK, on to…the links!

South Florida does recounts as only South Florida can. And by that, I mean they do them in a way that can be questioned until the end of time.  Jesus, where are the state police to ensure access to observers?

Make it stop!!!

The death toll from the California wildfires rose to 42, and the goddamn things are still almost completely out of control on all fronts. Oh yeah, and a dew one popped up yesterday.  Stay safe, California Glibs.

The Arizona election is over with Democrat Kyrsten Sinema winning. Its only fitting that they’d elect a Democrat with the recent success of Jeff Flake and John McCain paving the way.

And more bad news for California…. But don’t worry. They’ll still manage top blame obstructionist Republicans when their fiscal house of cards collapses.

This one might be worth grabbing some popcorn for. I don’t see what the problem is: he can buy the homes from the people at market value and build whatever he wants on the prop…oh that’s right. Its Chicago, where nothing gets done without a ton of crafty and private property rights are a joke.  Well, have fun, South Side residents. This is the shit you vote for in lockstep.

I know it wasn’t your birthday, but rock on, brother.

A comic book legend has died. RIP, Mr Lee.

Hey, what the fuck is this bullshit?!?! Technically its legal since its in the public, but its still immoral and there should be a way to outlaw it in my opinion.

This song would have made more sense two days ago, but I don’t plan when people are born. This song works any day of the year. As does this little ditty. Man, I love that band. I never got to see them either.

Well, go have a great day, friends.