This isn’t an artist’s depiction. It’s real. This man is the devil.

I can’t seem to get this damn thing to save the draft of this before I start writing it. I don’t know what’s causing it, but its driving me nuts.  Anyway, Duke crushed KY, Liverpool shit the bed, A bunch of other games were played with varying results.  That’s all I got.

Marie Curie was born on this day.  So was asshole Leon Trotsky, writer Albert Camus, evangelist Billy Graham, singer Johny Rivers, singer Joni Mitchell, knuckleballer Joe Niekro, philandering military leader David Petraeus, guitarist Tommy Thayer, Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, and person from the music business Lorde.

No events, as I’m behind while writing this. So here come…the links!

Well, actually, a series of links about the election, since that’s all anybody is going to talk about anyway.

Best political meme ever

Their definition of “down to the wire” isn’t the same as mine. But regardless, Zodiac is headed back to Washington and Beto is headed to the woods. But before he did so, he managed to really connect with young people by being hip and edgy. What a dreamboat.  I just hope he was courteous enough to catch an Uber home rather than drive that late at night.  El Paso doesn’t need another…”incident” like the last one.

Floridians do the right thing even if it will likely change the voting landscape there in a way that ushers in Moree Team Blue dipshittery.

Something something hands like Andre the Giant. Something something Adams apple as big as his balls.

Sorry, dude. Try again in four years.  The GOP holds the governorships in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. Which I find simply shocking. I guess guns do matter to Vermonters after all.

There are some seats still up for grabs, but the Dems have taken the House. Which means my prediction was wrong.

Meanwhile, the GOP has padded their majority in the Senate. I got this one right along with everybody else.

That’s it.  It was a shitty group of birthdays. Thank God this guy saved the day.

Now go live the day like politics doesn’t matter. Because it doesn’t (not really, anyway).