Dammit, the pipe out the backs is metric, stupid Norwegians

A government approved Jotul F 3 CB. It’s fancy because it’s European.


There’s nothing better than that first chilly evening of the year. You gather a load of wood and bring it inside. You load the wood stove, add some kindling, and use your blow torch to get that first fire of the year burning. The fire lights and your home starts to warm. It’s a wonderful feeling and a wonderful time of the year.

But, over the years your stove might start to rust beyond the point of repair, or maybe you’ve moved somewhere new and need to buy a new one. Regardless of your reason for getting a new one, you’ll be happy to know that our friends in the government are watching out for us! Because, if you didn’t know, your wood stove needs to be EPA approved. You wouldn’t want your emissions to be to high. And don’t worry, they’re making them even more stringent in 2020!

My first trash barrel was green

Future Wood Stoves, or trash burning barrels, I’ll bet the EPA doesn’t like that

That’s right, the government can screw up something as simple as a metal box with a door and hole. I mean, why wouldn’t you want a catalytic converter on your wood stove? Really, it’s something so simple that you can make one from a 55 gallon metal drum. In fact, since government has artificially raised prices with all of the new testing required for emissions, more people than ever are making them out of metal drums.

While many people (myself included) have fires for ambiance and supplemental heat, there is a large group of people that heat their homes solely with wood. These people tend to skew poorer. But don’t worry, Big Brother is just making sure these people . . . I can’t finish that sarcastic sentence. We all know it’s just a racket. It has nothing to do with the environment. It’s there to increase the bureaucracy, and subsequently it disproportionately hurts the poor. Not that I wish them any harm, but I hope that if they end up in hell, they get burned in an efficient EPA approved stove.




A kit? This is gonna be fancy like that European Stove