Its  late.  You’re early, but links are to be had.

Where do I begin?

Up first! A nice breakdown of Mexico’s newly sworn in presidente’s challenges upon entering office.


Cuba now has 3G.

To take advantage of the new service, Cubans will need to pay the equivalent of $7 for 600 megabytes of data, $10 for 1 gigabyte and $30 for 4 gigabytes, according to the state-run Granma news agency.

The cost of access poses a steep barrier in a country where nearly 60 percent of the population lives on $100 or less per month

Which is all well and good except here phones fit for 5G are being put to market.  I bet more than six people will be able to afford them.

Did you know there was a protest at the G20 Summit? Me neither.  I thought Trump just showed Xi his ass and told him to bring a ladder so he could kiss it.

Meh,  I’d have ditched him too.  *shudders* Argentines.

In local news the Diamondbacks throw in the towel.

Need some tunes?  Heres a good one.