Independence supporters in Catalonia

So – a quick update on my two hobbyhorses – Catalonia and Afghanistan. Starting in Europe….

Warning shot or massive hypocrisy? Spain stepped on its own weenie here. But no weenie, or beanie for some of the jailed Catalan leaders… hunger strike! And the exiles meet in … Brussels, to discuss what to do next. Things will probably get all demonstraty and grumbly in Barcelona, soon. I am reserving judgment at this point, though I would be trying to arm as hard and fast as I could. Unless Madrid makes a massive about face, there will be no independence for Catalonia, short of using armed force.

So its trials and (forced) tapas on the horizon, perhaps.


Not success.

And…to Central Asia next. The usual mix of war news, and some…really odd stuff (scroll down to the 13:54 25 Nov update). I hope this story is true. However, even if it is, Pakistan will probably do one of two things – make noises of agreement, and actually do little to nothing…or beat their chest defiantly and say no. Considering the lucre we still ship them, I would bet on the first one. I still stand by my assertion that if the Talib and Haqqani’s foreign backers turn off the spigot, Afghanistan would simply become another poor, semi-violent ‘stan. Oh, and it would be one in which there would be no reason for any foreign military presence. I do not know what is going on behind the scenes – but I sure hope someone is trying to snuff this #$%& out at the source.

So we have a war that neither side can finish, and some little glimmers of…something there. Looks like more of the same for the immediate future.


Updates in future, as events warrant.