1. Pumpernickel / Oat / Flax / Whole Wheat bread is best bread.
  2. Black Panther as Alt-Right Fable is truest fable.
  3. Hitler was on the Right, Orwell was on the Left.  Deal with it.
  4. RPGs in which Kung Fu masters get into fights in restaurant kitchens are best RPGs.  I recommend using FATE for this game.
  5. Knives you make yourself are best knives.
  6. What are we reading posts are best posts, with Galaxy’s Edge being best recommendation, Out of the Shadow of a Giant being best surprise read, Badlands being best not-surprise read, Valiant 2.0 being best comic book line and everything by Charles C. Mann being best Honorary Mention for writing three runners up for other best things.
    1. Update – Just finished The Wizard and the Prophet: Two Remarkable Scientists and Their Dueling Visions to Shape Tomorrow’s World by Mann.  It is best book.
  7. Carolina brand work boots are best work boots.
  8. Giant white dog begging for people-food in public is best dog.
  9. Barbell Medicine is best podcast.
  10. Thinking about the fact that none of Nephilium’s actual facial hairs are the length of the average Nephilium facial hair is best distraction when should be focusing on Kung Fu Action.
    1. Seriously, this guy’s facial hair is super bimodal.