Good morning to my Glibs, I’m not ready to get through today, but I am ready to throw together some links for you.


Today we celebrate the Birthdays of  Pope Julius II, 8th US President Martin Van Buren, General Custer, Walt Disney, Singer Little Richard, Rapper Dr. Dre, and “Comedienne” Margaret Cho.


Mueller is recommending no prison time for Flynn, everyone sees this as proof of their theory being correct.  With those on the right seeing proof he did nothing wrong and those on the left seeing proof that he flipped on the bad orange man and all their dreams of seeing him impeached come true.


The Weekly Standard


Warmongering shithead publication may be going under.


So do I.



We can safely categorize this one as falling under Dunning-Kruger.




300 lbs woman pleads guilty to crushing boyfriend to death.



Another DOW plunge, some blame trade wars with China, others blame the bond market.  Personally, I blame Winston’s mom.


That’s all I got for today.  Here’s a song to get you going.