Well we couldn’t have asked for better games. I mean, we could have asked for better officiating, especially at the end of the Saints-Rams game. But the NFL would sure rather have an LA team in the Super Bowl and these things happen from time to time. (In case you were wondering, by “these things”, I mean missing the most obvious pass interference calls as well as a helmet-to-helmet hit a full second before the ball arrives in the last minute and a half of a game on a play that would have effectively ended the contest because the team on defense were out of timeouts.  Un-fucking-believable.

Seems legit.
-the NFL

In the other game, the Patriots did what the Patriots do. Nobody should be surprised by what transpired, only that it happened in a stadium outside of New England.  And so now anybody with a sense of fairness is resigned to cheer for the Patriots since the Rams don’t even deserve to be there.  Fuck, sometimes the world isn’t fair.

Down Under, Serena knocked out Halep a short while ago. Djoker is tied up at a set apiece, Federer had been bounced and Nadal is casually strolling through his side of the draw.  In soccer, Liverpool won a wild one and Man City won easily to keep pace. Spurs pulled one out at the death and Chelsea took it in the shorts.

Today’s birthdays include  Confederate general Stonewall Jackson, skeezy Russian Gregori Rasputin, Canadian hockey legend Georges Vezina, fashion designed Christian Dior, acrobat Karl Wallenda, bald man Telly Savalas, hilarious Englishman Benny Hill, the greatest golfer that ever lived Jack Nicklaus, scumbag asshole Eric Holder, billionaire Paul Allen, and least-known Spice Girl Emma Bunton.

Its also the day Louis XVI was executed by guillotine, Jimmy Carter pardoned nearly all Vietnam era draft evaders, and John McEnroe was expelled from the Australian Open.

I said all that to say this: here are…the links!

And this is why you never go to Canada in the winter.

The media were creaming their pants over this bit of fabulist journalism. Hell, they were still trying to parse its legitimacy even after Mueller’s office offered a pretty stern condemnation of it.

The narrative seems legit!
-The Media

This entire story has been an excellent case study on Lynch mob mentality and how the media and its agenda-driven stupidity can be used for pure malevolence. I hope these kids manage to sue the piss out of everyone who has been involved in their character assassination. And I hope the case ends up in the hands of Brett Kavanaugh.  Totally fucking disgusting.

She seems nice. Although I don’t think her new lodgings will live up to her lofty standards.  But I think she’ll manage.

This also seems legit.

The Illinois Governor faces even more federal lawsuits over his campaign. I know you’re just as surprised as I am.

I’m sure this will go over well with the watermelons. Actually, I’m surprised its not a crime to publish that in New York.

Just in case you were wondering (or if you’re like me you hadn’t noticed) , the federal government has been “shut down” for 30 days now.  Keep it up, and eventually everybody will realize that the federal government spends way too much money on useless shit.

Apropos of no birthdays today, I’m playing three great songs in honor of a great three man group. And no, its not Rush or The Police or Green Day. Its something even better. (Depending on your tastes.)

Anyway, that’s the links. Enjoy Martin Luther King, Jr Day even though his birthday was last week. And because he probably wouldn’t enjoy what his legacy has been perverted into. So just enjoy the free day off, unless you’re working like me.