What’s that time? It’s time for news south of the border!

First up.  Apparently the secret to never having to face a revolution is by starving your constituents, as Venezuela swears in Maduro for a second term.

So you are saying there ARE in FACT terrorists?

When Trump says, “Mexico is going to pay for the wall,”  I guess that really  means, “I never said they’d write a check.”

Factcheck:  Yes, there were indeed terrorists apprehended at the border.  Six of them between October and March  of last year.   Which is a low number, to be sure, but then again how many guys does is really take to put on a bomb vest and blow themselves up outside a synagogue?

I guess it is news people steal gas in Mexico.  Who knew?

Brazilian Trump withdraws from a UN agreement on migration.  In other news, since his election my investment in a Brazilian bank stock has gone up 33%!  I love this guy.

A judge ordered Tijuana’s mayor to stop talking smack about migrants.  His response, “No quiero.”

I caught this on Joe Rogan.  It is chapter 2 of John Stuart Mills, On Liberty, presented as a graphic novel of sorts.  So if you have orphans in need of training, it’s means for orphans.  Available free for download.

I’m feeling a little Alice in Chains today.