Back in January 2018, we did a survey of the work life of the Glibertariat.

Well, we have many new members since then, and many people who have changed jobs, careers, or directions in life. So,  I thought we were due for an update.

Since then, I’ve formed a new boutique agency with Web Dom. With our combined education and experience, and employing a couple contractors, we are able to provide website design services, digital marketing services (including copywriting, and social media/email marketing management), coaching and management for online businesses, and a few other services that are not our core offerings. With my plan to re-enter healthcare being stymied by a zillion things–now also including a cross-country relocation, this agency and my ongoing product photography work will consume most of my professional life for the foreseeable future.

How about you? What are you up to work-wise in 2019?