Its a rainy day here. I took my wife to the mall to do some shopping for her birthday. Good Lawd, I saw some things there that made me wish I was 20 years younger and had a 7 figure bank account. Also, I like all the yoga pants my wife tried on. She’s still the best bang for the buck in the whole mall.

Here’s a classy story out of Texas about a woman trying to sell a young, female relative into sex slavery. I forget. Are libertarians for or agin this?

A guy who played a big role in my Saturday mornings in childhood has passed. Goodbye Mean Gene. I hope you’re calling those rasslin’ matches in the sky.

This poor person has a fucked up view of wealth, economics, and value. Its like Catholic Guilt without the confession.

This court ruling wasn’t the way Slate wanted it, so obviously the problem is that the court “doesn’t understand what it means to be trans”. Or, you know, that the CINC of the military can designate standards for military service that exclude people who probably will not be able to deploy due to medical issues resulting from transgender medical procedures.

Here’s some rainy day music.