Greetings all. I,er, was indisposed yesterday, but the lawyer says it is unlikely to cause any further inconveniences in my life. Thanks to Mexican Sharpshooter for covering for me. I hope everyone else is having a great Friday. It is the beginning of my wife’s birthday weekend, so I expect to be primary care-giver for most of the weekend. I also have to arrange for birthday stuff. Joke’s on her, though, I travel for work next week.

You know, after reading this article, I don’t think the Broward County Sheriff is the worst sheriff in Florida’s history. Leading a lynch mob that killed one man, and then personally assassinating two more is fucking atrocious. Atrocious in a different way is the political theater of pardoning four dead men — although since the WaPo called out the new governor’s predecessor for not doing so, I guess I understand the motivation. I noticed that none of these actions paid surviving family members any sort of wrongful death or wrongful imprisonment settlement.

Florida Man who murdered a guy over handicapped parking space is appealing his pre-trial release condition that he avoid the 100 witnesses in the case. He says he can’t do it because they’re everywhere. I’m sure some sex offenders could show him an underpass that he can live under until the trial.

OC has clearly a preferred Joe

Ocasio-Cortez mocked Joe Lieberman after he said he hopes she isn’t the future of the Democratic Party. I’m sure Joe will get his good buddy McCain to haunt her.

I assume this Florida Couple were listening to the Beatles only minutes before their arrest. Also, Florida people need to stop being such prudes about things. Some dude from Minnesota just wanted to watch the sunset and rub one out — arrested. This couple just wanted to bang on a car hood — arrested. Let’s just go after the people who try to eat tourists, leave the freaks alone.

I’m always impressed by how much the guitar sounds like a sax on this one.