I don’t find myself in this position very often. But I’m happy to be here doing the links.  I pray the format hasn’t gotten so far away from what I was doing that I’m creating havoc. But that’s a risk I’m gonna have to take.

The template for the modern government official.

If you were born on this day, you share it with the following: fairy tale writer Jacob Grimm, inventor of read fin and writing system for the blind Louis Braille, football coach Don Shula, acting legend Sorrell Booke, boxing great Floyd Patterson, singer person Michael Stipe, Canadian actor Dave Foley, musician Cait O’Riordan, and soccer player Toni Kroos.

It was also the day on which the following took place: Columbia University was founded (I wonder if anybody was there to report on it), Samuel Colt sold his first pistol to the US government, the Fabian Society was founded in London, Topsy the Elephant was electrocuted, Sir Edmund Hillary reached the South Pole, “Night Court” made its TV debut, Bill Belichick resigned from the New York Jets…a day after taking the job, and Vanilla Ice spent the night in jail after getting in a fight with his wife.

That’s it for that. Now…the links!

Artist’s depiction of the Arizona clinic’s workers.

Didn’t any of these people see “Kill Bill”? Also, I hope they find these people and cut their balls off.

The Dem-led House got to work and passed a funding bill, but with nothing for the wall Trump is demanding. Its pretty close to what the Senate passed recently, so we will see if it gets before the President and what he will do with it.

“When they go low we publicly say “we’re gonna impeach the motherfucker”. I, for one, welcome the combative nature of the WH and HoR and hope it leads to more cuts and shutdowns.

Whoever thought having the college football “championship game” in the bay area completely fucked up. Better get those tarps from the Pac 12 Championship game out to cover some empty sections, dumbasses.

Have a nice time in prison, asshole.

A Chicago Alderman (D-Obviously) gets caught doing what Chicago Alderman do. And a second one is looking like a real piece of shit as well.

New Yorkers make eating healthy a chore not worth doing. Here’s an idea: buy groceries and make your own salads, you lazy fucks.

OK, I know a lot of teachers “have to” take side work. But this is going too far. Also, definitely would not.

The birthday girl gets three songs: Song #1. Song #2. and Song #3.

Have a great Friday and enjoy the first weekend of the year, friends!