So, big things in the sky.  Very big.  Also bad.  Very bad.  Very bigly badly.  I’ll take things out of order to address this problem.

Jupiter aligns with Mercury and the Sun, indicating major political news.  NOT the assassination of a president major however.  This will be relevant shortly.

Venus remains in Scorpio, which is good news for orgasms.  This is the last of the good news this week.

Cops will have a good week what with Jupiter visiting Sagittarius.  Good news for cops typically means bad news for everyone else, but I guess it’s possible that this will be actual hero cops taking down legitimately bad people without collateral damage.  I’m not seeing any other signs of that, though that could be because the rest of the sky is busy sending other messages.

Saturn and Mercury join the Sun and Moon in Capricorn.  Warnings will go unheeded.  Disregarded prophecies.  Or, as we say in the augury biz, “Monday.”  Also, hyperchange.  Your reasoning will be overclocked, and yet your conclusions will be wrong.  Ouch.

Mars in Aries.  War, destruction, terror.  Buildings collapsing.  The Tower Tarot.  With the Aries/Ares homophone, the baleful aspects of Mars are doubled.

So each planet, save Jupiter has got some schmutz of negativity rubbed on it.  Even Venus is tainted.  And ALL of the darkened planets are involved in a single construction.  Just how important is this?  There are the Sun, the Moon, the Earth, and five other planets.  Eight total.  Six of them are involved in this.  This is death-of-kings level stuff.  Except it’s not the death of a king (Jupiter isn’t involved) and it’s not a new war breaking out (Mars isn’t involved).  What we do have is a double-legged diagram focused on Saturn.  Saturn is bad news.  Saturn is endings, death, Father time, the Grim Reaper, Chronos and the metal lead.  And he’s leading this thing.  And what’s worse, is the two legs are in a 2:1 harmonic resonance, so each are at double strength with respect to the other.  Because this is so bad, I won’t even try to personalize it for the Glibertariat — I don’t know if it’s possible for anyone to do that, let alone me.  Instead, I’ll spell out what each leg is saying and let you all apply it to your lives as appropriate, or (more likely) disregard it completely (see Capricorn, supra).

Major leg:  ending, growth, change, deceit, evil

Minor leg:  love, loss, change, chaos, news.

Good luck.  You’ll need it.