The Glibertarian Tarot Project is not dead, though it is taking longer than I had hoped.  Part of that is because my cash flow seems to be diverted somewhat to ammo purchases and buying accessories to make sure the range toy is just the prettiest little pistol that ever was.  However, while I am slowly working on getting the deck put together, I also have been casually looking for more divinatory techniques to supplement the horoscopes.  That’s how I discovered the most profound, most complete, most revelatory Great Key ever produced.  I hesitate to share it with you, because a) you won’t need me to cast horoscopes for you anymore as it explains everything, and b) it may lead to teams of assassins armed with Tavors hunting us all down now that we know the secrets.  Look at your own risk.

My God... it's full of Stars!

You want the truth? YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!


I’ll let one of the other (((Glibs))) go into Kabbalah, since it’s a bit complicated, and I really need to do something simpler first, like memorizing the ballistics of every cartridge ever produced.  However, if you’re unfamiliar with sephirot correspondence, you can get an idea here.

Just in case the Illuminati blocked that image from going through, here’s what’s happening in the skies this week:

First there is a lunar eclipse which signifies new beginning/rebirth of an esoterical or spiritual sort/major transitions and portends astronomy geeks standing outside in the cold.  By orbital necessity this involves the Earth being between the sun and the moon, which is a very powerful astrological alignment.  This eclipse occurs with the moon in Cancer, so it’s time to get your Xanatos on — plotting, scheming, working in the shadows, all of these things will be particularly successful for you this week.

Capricorn is a confused mess.  It’s playing host to the sun (that good!) the moon (that’s bad!) and Mercury (that’s… indeterminate but portentous!) The best-case interpretation (and honestly, the most likely one) is that you will see the removal of a mental block, or the way around an obstacle will become apparent.  I could really use this — I’ve had this issue with airborne tin that seems to be small enough particulate-wise to go through our ULPA filters that I haven’t been able to find a solution to.  Stars, don’t fail me now!

Mars in Aries indicates that it is a good week to stay indoors, as well as a warning about hostility.  Now, we mentioned above that this is a good week for subtlety.  If you seem to be in a situation where the two tactics are going to come into conflict, which will win?  If you have an obvious opponent and you are between Gemini and Scorpio inclusive, blindside them.  Otherwise, confront them directly.  Reverse those if your enemy is being a sneaky little bastard.

Lastly, Sagittarius is keeping hold of the two luckiest planets, Jupiter and Venus.  Enjoy things going as planned.