I pulled into the parking lot at my gym.  I have gone there for years; people there know me but they don’t know my name.  Its cool.  Except two things occurred to me when I couldn’t find a place to park.

The first?  Its thst time of year…Rezos.  The second?  Which one of these assholes drives the Brabus!?

Seriously though, why drive such a beast on city streets?

This is my review of Lagunitas Night Pils.

Every time this time of year people on social media that make it a habit out of telling the world they go to the gym starts posting memes making fun of fat people at the gym or people making New Years Resolutions.  I am not going to do that.  I refuse to poke fun at somebody trying to better themself.  It is curious though, how many people take up going to the gym around New Years.

It is actually quite substantial.  A few popular chains cite a spike in memberships as high as 40%.  It is to the point where comparisons to the insurance industry are made, in the sense that the smaller proportion of people that do indeed get their money’s worth from their membership (namely, they go) are subsidized by the larger proportion of people that pay for an annual membership in January and do not use it.

A few January gym factoids include:

  •  4% dont make it past January, and an additional 14% drop off around February.
  • Women are less likely than men to keep their newfound lust for fitness.
  • The business model itself, requires about ten times as many paying members than can actually get into the door.
  • People who actually use their membership make >$75,000/year on average.  I’m below average, apparently.

I actually did make a few resolutions myself but a fitness related one I did make was diet related.  Intermittent Fasting, or not eating all day and pigging out in a controlled manner is what I decided to do.  Just to try out and see how it goes for a few weeks.  My reasons are twofold:

  • I’m am more or less doing it anyway; I’m really just skipping lunch and not snacking.
  • I spend a lot of money on lunch.  Between $50-100/week.  I just think of all the many more efficient places to put my money.

Hey fat boy. Its me…I got what you want.

The problem of course is this does require a bit of discipline and I get really hungry during the day.  I assume it will pass to some degree, but I am about 4 days into it.  I am doing a version of the 16/8 except I am timing it so that I do eat breakfast.  So I went ahead and did a pre and post workout weigh in for those that are interested, and I’ll check back after 90 days to see where I am at.  I assume you people will hold me accountable.




Post-workout.  Yes, I sweat off 3 pounds.

Another reason I picked this one, is technically I can still drink beer, and this one is really good.  It is a Pilsner in a sense.  It is a light, crisp lager with a nice hoppy finish.  It comes across a bit like a black lager but does not incorporate the Munich Malts one typically finds in a German  or Czech black lager.  Dare I say, it is a Pilsner in blackface.  Can I say that here?  Lagunitas Night Pils:  4.1/5