Good Monday afternoon, Glibertariat. My wife starts another round of PTA clinicals tomorrow, which means I will finally be alone in my house during the day. Which is superawesomefantastic. Kids will be at school, wife will be at work (although not yet PAID for that work, but baby-steps) and I will be once again able to enjoy one of the best perks about working from home. So my week is looking up. How’s about y’all?

Brazil implements a crazy strategy to reduce gun violence: let the citizens arm up. If it works in Brazil, they should try it somewhere really dangerous. Like Chicago.

We pick on Florida Cop a lot, but here’s an officer doing some unalloyed good. Well done, Officer DePierre.

I’d also like to thank Florida Stripper for putting her crazy up on the internet rather than executing, er, going forward with her mass murder plans. Glib Fans can probably write to her care of the Lakeland County Jail.

I’m okay with this act of clemency.

My kids call this “The Planes Song”. You’re definitely getting old when the music your parents hated shows up in your kids’ movies.