Hey guys, two in a row. I’m really starting to put a streak together. Stay warm if you live in the Glacial Expanse. I have people from Chicago and Michigan telling me they are cold, so it must be for real.

Japan is pioneering “Rent-a-sister”, which is apparently NOT affiliated with Pornhub. I’m sure many of you are dissapoint.

Oh noes, Davos will be much harder to expense this year without many of the “world decision makers” attending. Another win for Trump’s CO2 mitigation efforts.

Local opinion writer is right but for wrong reasons objecting to 50-story tower in St. Pete. My main objection is that it will end up in some sort of taxpayer supported receivership in the next downturn.

Shocker, diplomats and spies for the US and the Norks have been talking for years. Something, something, “jaw, jaw is better than war, war.”


Here’s a pop-tune for Florida Man. Fun fact, I had never heard this song until a local instrumental-only cover band played it years ago.