Apparently, this is supposed to be Naomi Osaka

Everton and Spurs were bounced from the FA Cup. The USMNT beat Panama in a match that was anything but a “friendly”. All of the officials involved in the horrible missed PI call that effectively put the Rams in the Super Bowl are from the Los Angeles area. Djoker and Osaka reigned down under. The Nashville Predators will travel to Dallas’s Cotton Bowl for next year’s “Winter Classic” outdoors game. And everybody’s favorite hockey player (ha!) Sid the Kid took home MVP honors in the NHL All-Star Game.

If you’re looking for birthdays, these are some of the people born on this day: Saint Thomas Aquinas, typeface inventor (which was basically like a coder back in the day) John Baskerville, expressionist painter Jackson Pollock, man who knew nothing John Banner, insufferable actor Alan Alda, Mexican businessman Carlos Slim, Frog-with-an-Oedipus-complex Nicolas Sarkozy, German rocker Peter Schilling, golf great Nick Price, musician DJ Muggs, hobbit actor Elijah Woodand Backstreet Boy Nick Carter.

The first of many appearances

Some events that happened on this day include: a 9-year old Edward VI succeeded Henry VIII and did a much better job from day 1, pirate Henry Morgan took Panama City from the Spanish, “Pride and Prejudice” was first published, Sir Stamford Raffles landed in Singapore, work started on the Eiffel Tower, Preston Tucker was found not guilty, Elvis made his national television debut, Roy Campanella was in a car accident that paralyzed him, The Who made their first television appearance as well, OJ Simpson went first in the 1969 NFL Draft, and most infamously today is the day the space shuttle Challenger exploded and killed all 7 crew members.

OK, now on with…the links!

I wonder how many single black moms I can throw in jail for their kid missing a few days of school and still be considered a progressive champion…

Kamala Harris kicked off her presidential campaign. I wonder how many people she threw in jail because their kid missed three days of school were there. Heh, its California, so there were probably a few cheering her on.

This is a really sad story all the way around. We need to wean our kids from this technology addiction. Seriously, what the fuck?

Just so I’m clear here, will the left tell us if we don’t attack Venezuela that we’re Putin’s puppet? Or if we do attack, is the attack a deflection from the Mueller witch hunt inquiry by the Trump administration? Heads we win, tails you lose, Mr President!  But seriously, I’m going to be quite unhappy if we’re sending anything more than words of support to the people trying to get that asshole out of office down there.

Tom Brokaw says something logical. Now he regrets it after a blizzard of snowflakes attack him.  Jesus, people, this is pretty simple (opinion coming): those who assimilate to their adopted culture are going to be better-received and have a greater chance at success.

Some crazy coonass killed his parents and then three other people. He was caught at his grandmother’s house in Virginia. Oh yeah, and morons on Twitter said he was a Trump supporter and that I have blood on my hands because of the NRA.

“Forced”. You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. But I expect the taxpayers to have money taken away and given to her.

This seems to be hitting a lot of Page 2s, but the director of “Bohemian Rhapsody” has been accused by even more people of sexual assault of minors. Or as we like to call it in the real world, “child rape”. (I added that last bit because the original story on Saturday from NBC said he was accused of “sex with minors”.

Anyhoo, two artists I like with birthdays today from different ends of the spectrum. So you get an eclectic mix of two songs. Here is the first one. And here is the second.

Have a great day and a great start to your week, friends.