Good evening, Glibs!

I’m still here. We’re running into all kinds of weather-related problems that are seriously messing with our timing…and everything else. Hard enough to do this relocation thing anytime. How to make it even more challenging? Let’s bring on snowstorm after snowstorm! We barely dig out of one and the next one hits. And the temperature keeps dropping.

Poor OMWC has been having to go out (over and over) to drop off donated items and acquire more boxes…and packing paper…and tape…and bubble wrap (and not because I’m popping it all, I swear). Since we have a large roll-off container taking up the entire driveway (the image on the site front page is our actual front yard this morning), and there is no street parking in our neighborhood, this entails hiking through the snow drifts up to a neighborhood park’s parking lot, digging the car out of where it’s been plowed in, and finally bringing the car to the house to load, carrying everything down our snowy, icy, sloping driveway. Gee, I don’t know why he has bruises the size of a dinner plate. (It wasn’t me, Officer!)

One of the biggest concerns? Yep, that’s going to be loading and moving the wine in subzero temps next week. Oh, yeah, and loading and moving everything else we own, too…although that’s the problem of the big moving company with a very similar name to an airline. As of right now, they don’t plan on postponing.

So, tonight’s question.

How many times have you moved residences as an adult? How many times have you relocated?

I don’t ever seem to just move. I always relocate. This will be cross country relocation number nine. I don’t mind telling you, I’m a little sick of it.


Your turn!