More irrelevant personal stuff: As we begin SP’s any my penultimate weekend in the northern reaches of Illinois, we have been gifted by Nature with a massive snowstorm. Normally, it’s something I’d welcome, but it’s certainly made lifting and carrying things a challenge. Worse yet, we were planning to break out SP’s World’s Best Fondue (and that’s not an exaggeration) for Swiss, and Swiss was planning to bring pizza to The Wonder Dog, cementing his place as her Favorite Human Ever.  But transport may be an issue… In any case, I gift you with another brilliant Krazy Kat, with a remarkably innovative use of the panel format.

Normally, I start things out with birthdays, but this time, we do need to acknowledge the anniversary of an important historical event. What was the first Hollywood film lampooning Hitler? Was it Chaplin’s The Great Dictator? Something by Frank Capra? Nope, it was… You Nazty Spy!, a short by the genius trio of Moe, Larry, and Curly, released on this day in 1940.

Now the birthdays, which today include the original James Watt (not the moron Reagan appointee); loser Robert E. Lee; proto-libertarian Lysander Spooner; writer, poet, and inspiration for my favorite football team, Edgar Allan Poe (and ask Spud about his visit to the Poe House in Baltimore); artery-clogger Paula Deen; the monumental Dolly Parton; one-eyed Katey Sagal; and SP’s favorite artist, Thomas Kinkade (/ducks for cover).

On to the news, and there’s plenty of that as well.


The amusement from the latest episode of Roadrunner and Coyote continues. And I’ll repeat the same thing I said about Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, et al: there’s so many REAL things to get pissed off about, why do people feel the need to make shit up?


And speaking of Roadrunner and Coyote, the latest RBG rumors. Any day now!


“Shutdown” Kabuki continues. There’s hints that Team Blue will be offered more boondoggles in exchange for Team Red’s pet boondoggle. And as usual, inevitably it will be taxpayers getting it up the poop chute. Nice month-long paid vacation for Federal leeches, of course.


Murdering Chicago cop will be back among us in three years. And nothing else happened.


In case you thought nutcase religious conspiracy theories were the exclusive province of Muslims and millennial Christians.


Voter fraud is a made-up thing. Right?


Never apologize. Never apologize. Never apologize. And if you do, at least say, “I am sorry for agreeing with Barack Obama at that time. Christ, what an asshole”


Warty’ latest project. And that may not actually be a joke.


This is supposed to be a joke. And, channeling my Inner Prog, it’s more sad and frightening than funny.


More evidence that (((we))) are as stupid as the goyim.


And speaking of stupid, here’s The Atlantic filling pages with the rantings of a lunatic hypochondriac and taking it Very Seriously.


Oh, here’s more stupid. Perhaps we can have capital punishment for TV talking heads who mispronounce things. That will usher in a new era of racial justice.


There is no escaping Old Guy Music. I’ve previously sung the praises of Lee Barber, an Austin-based singer/songwriter who has perhaps the most expressive voice (both figurative and literal) that I’ve ever heard. This might be my favorite song of his, an incredibly sad and beautiful lament about moving, which encapsulates my current emotions perfectly.