My apologies for being mostly AWOL this week- I’m serving as the scouting party in Arizona, trying to find the Child Bride, the Wonder Dog, and me a place to live. And spending a couple days on-site at my new job. Worse yet, they issued me a shiny new laptop which is a MacBook Pro, and using it has been a wrestling match where my opponent is covered in an amazing low-friction substance. I deeply and sincerely hate this thing. But I’ll try to post links anyway. Because there’s some good stuff out there.

And some auspicious birthdays, including deep political thinker Edmund Burke; classic American writer Jack London; actual Nazi and all-around fun guy Hermann Goering; cowboy and patriarch Tex Ritter; donut and coffee mogul Tim Horton; magician Kreskin, nee George Kresge; living proof that stupidity, malice, and corruption can take you a long way Sheila Jackson Lee; professional gasbag and Team Red flak Rush Limbaugh; professional gasbag and very tall person Howard Stern; and a guy who is about the find out the meaning of “half” Jeff Bezos.

Coming up next, the news.

If Trump continues to back off his pledge to stop intervening in the Middle East, there’s a Team Blue candidate for president who might actually get my vote if she ever got nominated. Which she won’t, since Team Blue activists hate her. She spouts all of the Team Blue stupidity, but has ending the wars as her centerpiece. Well, I can always hope for a chance to vote for McAfee.


But the question is, “Are we or aren’t we?”  The story says we are, but quotes a Pentagon flack as saying that no-one has actually left. Fog of war?


“Failure” is a relative term. Some of us would call it “a good start, now let’s broaden it.”


I blame Global Warming.


And yet more Global Warming. Say, whatever happened to that Polar Vortex shit?


Speaking of Exodus, this seems oddly familiar…


The Yellow Vest stuff is amusingly stupid, but like Gabbard, sometimes they have a great idea which more than makes up for the rest.


Trademark battles are often amusing. “We’re not the People’s Front of Judea, we’re the Judean Peoples’ Front!”


We have created a Fourth Wave feminist!


Beer It Forward hits a snag.


We may be able to guess what happened to this lady’s cat.



Old Guy Music today features a sentimental favorite of mine, the great Clifford Brown, who sadly, I never got to see live. But at least I saw most of the rest of these guys at various times. The fiery trumpet solo here is just… well… let’s just say they don’t make players like this any more. And as usual Harold Land, Max Roach, and Ritchie Powell do more than just keep up.