Sorry to have been scarce recently- just finished my last few days of work at Megacorp. One consequence of leaving was having to turn in both of my company-issued laptop computers, so for the moment, I have to post from a desktop computer in the basement, and consequently I have become a stereotype. O tempora! O mores!

This, of course, will not prevent me from posting my usual weekend links, for better or for worse.

And as is my custom, I’ll start with memorable birthdays on this, the fifth day of January. And those include group theorist Camille Jordan; notorious psychic Jeane Dixon; ubermensch and Tarleton twin George Reeves; the better of the two Reagan wives, Jane Wyman; brilliant actor Robert Duvall; brainless erstwhile hottie Diane Keaton; and one half of Americana power couple Iris DeMent.

On to today’s news.


Labor participation and unemployment setting more new records. Minorities hardest hit.


The battle between Team Red and Team Blue to see whose boondoggles will prevail continues apace. The Old Man predicts the inevitable compromise: we’ll get both Blue and Red money-pits.


So wait, that whole TSA “strike” panic was Fake News to exaggerate the effects of the government “shutdown”? Of course, it’s hard to judge between two competing lying liars, CNN and TSA management. And either way, I’m unlikely to get my wish of massive cuts at that largely useless agency.




Not enough, but it’s a good start, anyway.


From my soon-to-be home state, one of the creepiest things I’ve read about. I think Arizona Man may be giving Florida Man a run for his money.


And let’s not leave Arizona Woman out. To be fair, she WAS from Florida.


Louisiana is still a tough competitor, though. But I’m going with Arizona for the win, with Florida to place, and Louisiana to show.


We’re all familiar with SWATTING, but this may be going a bit far.


Think this is a dodge to try to get out of liability lawsuits? Perish the thought!


Team Red makes a useless gesture.


Team Blue says, “Hold mah beer!” And for whatever reason, people still pay attention to Occasional Cortex’s historically ignorant brain lint. No idea why any of this is taken seriously, but I guess people need a bogeyman.


Oh wait, another useless gesture, complete with “journalist” panic.


And Old Guy Music, featuring birthday girl Iris DeMent, showing more than a bit of her country side. What a voice and what songwriting talent! If more country music sounded like this, I’d listen to more country music.